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If you’ve found yourself on this page, you or someone you know has a chronic illness, and you’re likely wondering what “Desi” is, and I will explain in a minute. First, please grab a pillow to squeeze, an inhaler if you need it, and make sure you have a furry friend beside you. You have been warned friend as this is not a happy go lucky place. This is real life bullshit we are dishing out with a mad cultural twist. Meaning, if you’re a judgmental human or you’re selling a cure, this is your cue to leave.


What is Desi and Diseased about?

Desi” is a term generally used to describe those of us who, trace our lineage to the beautiful places including but not limited to India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. I am an Indian who moved to the States at the ripe age of twelve, and I lost my identity along the way. I have always found it difficult to identify who I was, but it was because I felt I had to pick between my American self, Aashi, or my Indian self, Afshin. A year ago, I decided I was not more one person than another, both are me, and this brought about a new era in my life.

Diseased” is a word used to describe someone who suffers from one or more illnesses, these can be temporary or chronic, ie. lifelong. For example, I have autoimmune conditions (basically my body attacks itself) that I manage with medications and other wondrous items that help me keep by body functioning, most days. My first symptoms began in 2009 and I was diagnosed ten years later with rheumatoid arthritis, beta thalassemia, and 6 months after that, fibromyalgia. This space is designated to help others and myself process the wins as well as grievances of being chronically ill, and cultural obligations that come with being desi.

Spoonie Support: Service Animal FAQ

According to the ADA website and sources, a service animal is described as, “…dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities…Service animals are working animals, not pets. The work or task a dog has been trained to provide must be directly related to the person’s disability. Dogs whose…


My name is Afshin and I am an Indian American living in California sharing my solo journey through chronic illness. I never thought I’d be able to live alone and thrive with my illness, and now I’m proving myself wrong everyday! ☺️  I currently live on the outskirts of Sacramento and have the most amazing…

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