My name is Afshin and I am an Indian American living in California sharing my solo journey through chronic illness. I never thought I’d be able to live alone and thrive with my illness, and now I’m proving myself wrong everyday! ☺️ 

I currently live on the outskirts of Sacramento and have the most amazing fur babies. Fun fact, my pets are named after the characters of my favorite show, Supernatural. Dean is a ferocious cuddle bug, he will make it his mission to get pets if it pleases him. Sammy on the other hand is quiet the clumsy giant and is my working service dog.

I first began sharing my journey to navigate how to live with a chronic illness when you still have to fulfill the obligations of society. I have learned that life for me has constant ups and downs, and I have to keep rolling with the punches, but I don’t have to get hit by them.

This fall I started my first semester as a graduate student in a Marriage and Family Therapy program; I still cannot believe that is real life!! I juggle full-time job, two furbabies, a full-time school load, as well as several chronic illnesses. My life is nothing if not a circus, so welcome, and I hope you enjoy the ride 🙂

Why do this?

I am doing this to raise awareness whilst processing the lifelong trauma that comes with having chronic conditions. I have taken much time to accept my reality and I look forward to sharing with you. My hope is to release a monthly podcast diving deeper into works of other disabled people of color and doing so amplify our voices ❤

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